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The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis

Lacan's Seminar XI. is one of most fundamental writings of his seminars given to wide audience at a very specific time, just after being expelled from International Psychoanalytic Association. With the expulsion Lacan was in the position of the refugee, the one outside and the one seeking for the position which is impossible. Perhaps this non-position gave him a possibility to ask 'what authorizes me to speak' and 'what is psychoanalysis'.

Fundamentals of psychoanalysis are the starting points Lacan asks when speaking to the psychoanalysts in formation. He is interested in what grounds psychoanalysis as praxis, what is praxis. Lacan was interested in relation between psychoanalysis and science and religion and how to introduce concepts of psychoanalysis in order for them to be used in psychoanalytic clinic.

Ana Jereb

Literature: Jacques Lacan: Seminar XI- The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis
When: monthly seminars, starting on 23th October 2020
Cost: 30 EUR (or 60 EUR when over ZOOM- if due to circumstances physical presence is not possible)

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